5 Things To Consider Before Booking Your Wedding Photographer

Booking a wedding photographer can be tricky if you don't know how to start. So here are my 5 top points for consideration to help you get going! 

What Style Is Right For You?

Wedding photographs aren’t like most photographs, they’re totally unique! You’ll look back on them forever so it’s very important that you get the style of photography that suits your personalities as a couple. A fine art wedding photographer might provide you with amazingly creative ideas that you’ve not thought of before… or a photojournalistic approach from a photographer who prefers to show you exactly how your day happened from start to finish might sum up what makes you and your family unique. There are so many amazing photographers out there providing all types of photography, so it’s worth thinking about what you’d want to hang on your wall or put in your bedside photo frames.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

Obviously I’m biased here… but with good reason! Photography is extremely accessible right now and anyone can pick up a camera, yet it takes much more than just pointing and shooting. Hiring a professional does what it says on the tin… it gets you a professional who can deliver a fantastic service. A professional is someone who’s already had the failures and has made it through the difficult situations… someone who knows how to get the lighting on you just right and knows how to avoid what might make you look bad… someone who knows how to properly process your images and deliver them on time. You get my point of view, it’s a huge reassurance having someone you can trust on your big day! 

Personality & Attitude 

Would you want this person on your wedding day!? I should hope so! You’re surrounded by all the people that matter to you on your wedding day, it would be a shame to have someone there that you don’t feel comfortable around. If a photographer doesn’t provide a meeting or a free Skype consultation don’t be afraid to ask for one. The more you feel like the photographer understands your needs and the more it feels like a friendly collaboration the better the results will be for everyone involved.

What's The Right Price For You?

Here’s where things get that tiny bit more serious. As always when purchasing anything from a business you have expectations of a level service and wedding photography should be no different. As a general guide spending 10-15% of your overall wedding budget is an appropriate amount, with some people willing to pay more for photographers at the top of the industry and for those who provide a service that goes above and beyond. That’s not always for everyone though and that’s still perfectly ok… whether you hire someone just starting out, a mid-level or a high-level photographer it doesn’t matter as long as you get the right service for you.

Asking The Photographer Questions

This is another conversation in itself, but what I will say is never be afraid to ask any questions that are playing on your mind. An honest photographer should give you quick clear-cut responses and hopefully provide you with the answers you're after! 


Hopefully now you feel that bit more ready to navigate through the exciting world of wedding photography and you'll soon be firing out emails and DM's like there's no tomorrow! 


If I've been helpful at all and you want to know more about me or my work take a look around my website or send me a message, I'd love to hear all about your wedding day plans! 








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